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We crunch data to identify the top markets for single-family rental opportunities.

  • Pittsburgh is known as a hub for health care, education, and technology industries.
  • Pittsburgh is predicted to have strong real estate market conditions in the coming buying season and throughout 2023, according to data from The city has been ranked as the 15th top housing market for 2023 in terms of expected growth in home sales and listing prices.
  • Pittsburgh has also had a 63%+ growth in property values over the past five years, and the median home price has increased from $111,000 to $226,443 from 2012, a gain of about 104%.
Pittsburgh, PA
  • Atlanta is at at the top of the list for "10 housing markets expected to lead the nation in 2023” by the National Association of Realtors.
  • Atlanta is home to 18 companies that are on the Fortune 500 list.
  • In the population and employment forecast report published by the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC), the Atlanta region is estimated to grow to 8.6 million by 2050. The area’s total employment can potentially increase by 34%, raising the total job count to around 4.7 million in the next 30 years.
Atlanta, GA
  • The median price of homes sold in Chattanooga in September 2021 was $265,000, which is 10.9% higher than the median price for homes the year before.
  • Chattanooga is a local education hub, with 4 major colleges and universities in the city, including the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Tennessee Temple University, the Southern Adventist University, and Chattanooga Community College.
  • Over the past decade or so Chattanooga has shown steady growth in the number of residents moving to and living in the city, with a 2020 population of 184,561 compared to 167,674 in 2010 – a solid 10.7% growth rate in just 10 years.
Chattanooga, TN
  • Huntsville is projected to grow even more in 2023 due to the city’s robust job and population growth, low cost of living, and development opportunities.
  • According to Real Estate U.S. News, Huntsville was ranked the #1 place to live in the U.S. in 2022-2023, factoring in housing affordability, the job market, crime rate, and quality of life.
  • Huntsville has seen the job market increase by 3.6 percent over the last year, and the city ranked in the top 10 for best places for career opportunities in 2022.
Huntsville, AL

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