About Team Plotify

Our Mission

At Plotify, our mission is to revolutionize real estate investment with Plots.

Over the last five years, we've dedicated ourselves to crafting our Plot infrastructure, establishing a comprehensive global legal and regulatory foundation, developing our products, and assembling a team of unparalleled talent. Our journey has been one of intense commitment and innovation, setting us apart in a way our competitors simply can't match.

Our unique offering, the Plot, seamlessly blends the advantages of a real estate fund with the added control of 100% ownership, offering an unparalleled investment opportunity to individual investors. This innovative approach makes Plotify not just a choice but a distinct leader in the real estate investment sector.

Who We Are (we're those guys ^)

Welcome to Plotify, where innovation meets legacy. Our diverse team, drawn from the elite corners of technology, finance, and real estate across the US 🇺🇸, UK 🇬🇧, and India 🇮🇳, embodies excellence. We're not just employees; we are pioneers, coming together from globally recognized companies to revolutionize the real estate investment landscape.

At Plotify, we're united by a shared vision: to empower our Members with an unprecedented investment vehicle we proudly call a Plot. This isn't just an idea; it's a manifestation of our collective belief in the transformative power of smart, accessible real estate investment. Our unique product, the Plot, is the culmination of over 150 years of combined expertise, diligently crafted to open new doors for residential property investors.

Backed by the steadfast support of our visionary founders, top-tier global venture capital firms, and esteemed family offices, we stand at the forefront of an investment revolution. Our commitment goes beyond the innovative; it's personal. Every Plot purchased is a testament to our passion for excellence and our unwavering dedication to our clients' success.

Brought together from...

Advisory Team


Devin Wade
Plotify & Roofstock Founder


Rick Davidson
ex-Global CEO of Century 21


Maria Harris
Atom Bank Founding Team


Shannon Bloemker
Five Ten Capital


Kerry Gilligan
Roofstock Founding Team

A little more about Anish...

Anish is an experienced professional in global business growth, particularly in investment, property, and technology.
He co-founded Plotify after advising on growth as Roofstock, Inc., which has achieved over $1.4 billion in transactions.

He founded Ahimsa Capital for the USA-UK-India investment corridor and played a key role at Bloomberg Tradebook, driving its revenue to over $1bn. At Cantor Fitzgerald, he developed a product raising $7bn for US REITs.

Anish has occupied roles regulated by financial institutions in the United Kingdom, United States, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

A little more about Dominic...

Dominic has extensive experience in change and operational management within regulated environments, primarily through global roles at UBS, covering strategic initiatives like regulatory compliance and organizational transformation.

At Ernst & Young, he led consulting engagements, advising on strategic replatforming and regulatory compliance programs. With a background in software development, Dominic excels in strategy, business architecture, program management, and performance improvement, showcasing a diverse skill set in investment banking technology and operational efficiency.

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