Capital at risk. Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take a couple of mins to learn more on our UK risk summaries page.

How Investing Works


JOIN our community of investors to access

  • + A diverse range of SFR investment opportunities.
  • + Streamlined financing options to provide the flexibility and leverage you need to maximize your returns.
  • + Effortless monitoring of your investment portfolio, complete with comprehensive asset reports and tax documents.
  • + White-glove support to help you meet your investment goals.
  • + In-depth Insights and analysis to keep you informed about the real estate market trends and top-performing cities.


LEARN about factors that influence the housing market and your investment

  • + Access curated market insights
  • + Explore expert perspectives that shape the market  
  • + Unlock access to market commentary and data


TRANSACT on a hand-picked Plot investment from our curated Marketplace

  • + Review Plot projections and return profiles.
  • + Compare and contrast different Plots, markets and neighborhoods to find the perfect Plot.
  • + Speak with Plotify's investor relation team to weigh options.
  • + Decide on the amount of leverage without a loan application.
  • + Purchase a Plot that fits your risk and return objectives.


BUILD a Portfolio full of Plots

  • Why Build a Portfolio?
    + Grow your wealth through wider exposure to SFRs
    + Benefit from diversification across different geographies and capital allocation plans to mitigate risk
    + Add new value-add Plots in addition to your income producing Plots to benefit from home price growth

    Plotify's Portfolio-level White Glove Support Includes:
    + Tailoring Plots to achieve your high level investment goals
    + Design custom financing options that match your risk tolerance and reward objectives
    + Prepare diversification analysis to forecast capital outlays and inflows


SIT BACK and benefit from hassle-free management and track using your app

  • + Team Plotify actively manages your Plot as the sole owner of the Plot.
  • + Benefit from Plotify's host of services (included services: property management, tax, accounting, asset management, insurance, etc.).
  • + Receive monthly reports and quarterly distributions.
  • + Own 100% of your Plot's appreciation.
  • + Decide when to relist and sell your Plot.
Plotify provides:
Investment within minutes
Application-free, competitive financing
Wraparound insurance
Active management
Curated, data-driven property selection
Personalized support
Do-it-yourself investing
investing alone requires:
Long, tedious, multi-month process
Complicated financing requirements
Multiple insurance policies
Time-intensive oversight
Complicated due-diligence
No support team

Now you’ve got How It Works

Time to delve deeper into Plotify, Plots and how we’re on a mission to transform the way the world invests in real estate